December 2, 2021


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A little spin on my typical bowl of oats. And also an idea to hopefully help so…

A little spin on my regular dish of oats. As well as also a concept to hopefully aid some of you that are not banana fans. I like sweetening my oats with fruit as a whole. Mashing banana is my go to, but also for some of you that are not big on bananas as well as have another favorite sweet fruit you like to make use of, attempt blending that together with your plant based milk till smooth. Then pour into your oats to enlarge overnight. You can include a little sweetener also in case your fruit isn’t too sweet.

Fruity Oat Cereal
1 cup bitter almond milk
1/4 mug your favorite fruit (I utilized white peaches).
1 tsp maple syrup (optional).
1/2 cup rolled oats.
2 tsp ground flax seeds or chia seeds.
Pinch of cinnamon.
Splash of vanilla.

In a blender, blend milk and also fruit together with sugar up until smooth. Location oats, cinnamon, flax, salt and vanilla along and pour mix over top. Mix well to combine and let sit to soak (I waited 20 minutes, yet you can do this as over night oats). Top with added fruit as preferred as well as drizzle with nut butter (I selected cashew butter).


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