November 29, 2021


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Coffee lover? Not gonna lie, I don’t really drink coffee. I’m a matcha person. …

Coffee enthusiast? ☕ Not gon na exist, I do not actually consume coffee. I’m a matcha individual. … I do enjoy coffee flavorful points. It’s not as severe on my tummy, so something such as this sugar macchiato over night oats actually makes a hit on a Monday early morning.

Sugar Macchiato Overnight Oats.
1/2 mug rolled oats.
1 tablespoon chia seeds.
1 medjool day, mashed.
Pinch of salt.
Pinch of cardamom.
1/4 tsp vanilla essence.
1/2 mug + 2 tablespoon bitter almond or oat milk.
2-3 tablespoon made coffee.
Optional: Frothed Plant Milk as well as cinnamon.

In a container, include oats, chia seeds, days, salt as well as mix to incorporate. Include milk as well as vanilla as well as mix to incorporate. Enable to rest for a couple of mins and afterwards provide one more also mix prior to covering as well as positioning in the refrigerator over night to rest. When all set to delight in, put your made coffee ahead as well as include a little milk foam ahead with a pinch of cinnamon as well as delight in.

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