Why my dog PEE on car Tyre? Dog facts you need to know in 2020

Are you still wondering why dogs pee on car tires?
This dogs unknown facts could have been easy to understand if dogs speak to human language. Unfortunately they can’t. Their urine says a lot of things and only canines can understand these things .Well some people believe that peeing on a tire is a dog thing and doesn’t mean anything. While some other people assume that it is a dog behavior issue. So there is no right or wrong answer to it. However we shall expose you to the facts regarding peeing on tires that have been gathered and verified by experts from different results of study and research. So let’s look into the fact.
Fact 1 – dogs love to leave their trails: urinating on a tire is probably one of the trails they leave for other dogs to pass the message I have been here. studies show that dogs urine carries a communicative hormone which means dogs can transmit messages to one another through their yearand droplets. This might sound ridiculous but it’s true.
Fact 2 – they pee to mark their territory: dogs are natural territory animals so they pee on walls holes, car tires, gates, etc, to declare their boundaries. They do it to warn the invader dogs to keep off as they are the king of the territory. Now you might be questioning why can’t they just pee on the ground instead of tires. Well dogs know that their urine scent lasts on the vertical level than on the horizontal level. They’d probably leave the trail where it will last long to pass their message. So now you know the reason behind their peeing behavior let’s also quickly look at how to restrict dogs from peeing on tires.
Our pet dog pees on tires once in a while. But if your dog is peeing on every tire passing by, then it’s a habit that needs to be controlled because you never know your dog can be beaten by an angry neighbor someday. Here are a few tips that can help you.
tip 1: any time you catch your dog aiming at a car tire, shout at the dog or do something that lets the dog know he needs to back off from the tir.
tip 2: if he obeys the first instruction, give him a special treat. you can offer him his favorite meal or just smile or play with the dog.
tip 3: another thing you can do when you pass by a car tire is to change the direction of your movement and ensure the dog follows you.
sometimes you might need to use an object like food or toy to attract the dog’s attention to your side. when you do this repeatedly, it will register in the dog’s head that he is not allowed near tires. if you are having a hard time trying to get your dog to stay away from tires, kindly hire a professional trainer to assist you.

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